Fiddle Rally Application


As part of the 2019 Greenway Takeover Festival, we will be organizing a Fiddle Rally on Sunday September 8th. This event will be a mixture of teaching, playing together, learning new tunes, but above all having fun.


There will be workshops in the days leading up to the performance as well as one final rehearsal on the day of the performance. The rally will be split into two groups, intermediate and advanced and is open to all age groups.

Rehersal times will be held at Chamber Park (across from the Toasted Frog) at the following times:


Friday, Sept 6 at 4pm for Intermediate and 4:30pm for Advanced

Saturday, Sept 7 at 2pm for Intermediate and 2:30pm for Advanced

Sunday, Sept 8 at 2pm for Intermediate and 2:30pm for Advanced

Please come to as many rehersals as possible.

Download Viola music here

Download Violin music here

Intermediate:  Simple tunes and can hold a steady tempo

Advanced: More rhythmic tunes, faster pace and harder notes

For information, contact

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