Grant Program Winners

Empire Arts Center

non-profit, multi-purpose arts facility located in downtown Grand Forks that is home to the lively local arts and cultural scene.

During the Festival, their project will program an "In Concert" version of a well-known contemporary musical that is appropriate for all ages.

African Arts Arena

A non-profit organization which operates in the Midwest that shares African Culture with the population.

During the Festival, their project will recreate an evening of storytelling in a village in West Africa. Participants will learn to make a mono-cord guitar and be able to play it during the storytelling.

North Dakota Ballet Company

A non-profit dance organization committed to promoting classical ballet and other dance styles in Grand Forks and the surrounding areas.

During the Festival, they will host a dance performance that includes an original set of composed choreography by local artists and performed by members of their pre-professional division.

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