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Misti with a chance of swing!

Thursday | 5:00pm

Misti Koop is bringing back the sounds of the Dick King Swing Band.

Mark Ryan

Friday | 12:00pm

Grand Forks original

Silver Warehouse

Friday | 7:45pm

Silver Warehouse is a cult of 5 college wannabes who can’t seem to nail down a genre… or a lead vocalist. They like to slap snazzy riffs over compelling chord progressions and whine about the trivial tragedies we endure growing up. If only they could learn how to dress, maybe they could turn this music thing into a living.

GF Master Chorale

Saturday | 2:15pm

Recognized for its professionalism, longstanding artistic excellence, and the quality of its material selection and performances, the Grand Forks Chorales will be the premiere choral organization in the Red River Valley and North Dakota.

Mae Simpson

Saturday | 7:45pm

The Mae Simpson band is pure energy and soul. The singer-songwriter Mae, who hails from South Carolina, has a huge voice and stage presence. She has brought together a collec!ve of seven musicians who each bring a unique flavor to this powerhouse group.

Tumbleweed Radio

Thursday | 7:45pm

Folk and Americana music tell all kinds of great stories, but every now and then it's great to turn it up with a simple shake of the butt to the Palm Court Strut!

Jimmy River Band

Friday | 5:00pm

The Jimmy River Band originally formed in 2002 in South Dakota. The rock trio worked for more than a decade in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota, at its peak playing more than 50 shows a year. The band went into hiatus in 2013 but reformed in 2021 with two original members and a new bass player. In the year since, the group has played a handful of shows in Nebraska, North Dakota and Iowa and has spent time recording original music that can be found on services such as Spotify and Apple. The JRB's members live in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, and Grand Forks, N.D.

Chris Johnson

Saturday | 12:00pm

Chris Johnson settles on the fringe of the Grand Forks music scene making occasional appearances at venues such as Ojata Records. He has participated in local showcases including the Greenway Takeover Festival and The Music Box at The Empire Arts Center. He plays a mixture of folk, rock and blues, relying on simple arrangements and layered melodies.

The Dank

Saturday | 4:30pm

The Dank formed in 2017 with a collective goal to bring great live music to the region.


Sunday | 11:00am

In the beggining there was Mudbucket, we saw that it was good, and so we rested.

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